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Merlin loves knowledge above all else. Relationships One magical cosplay has brought The Seven Deadly Sins' Merlin to life. At the end of the Demon King arc, Merlin was left with burns around her chin and mouth. Doré The people of Belialuin opposed this, claiming that both the girl and her power were their property. Meliodas a ensuite affirmé qu'elle n'avait été victime de l'attaque que parce qu'elle était "prise au dépourvu", en état de transe. Selon Elizabeth, elle l’appelait "grande sœur" et avaient une relation fraternelle. This interest and knowledge of Escanor's power has given Merlin a great deal of confidence in him, so much so that she left him in charge of stopping Meliodas when he activated his Assault Mode, stating that he was the only one capable of stopping him while he was in that state. Elle a également accès à un éventail de sorts élémentaires tels que le Tourbillon Sans Fin et Château de Stalactites pour submerger ses adversaires, le 1°de ces sorts ayant suffisamment de pouvoir pour détruire le château de Liones. However, her father, the chief sage of Belialuin, never gave anything to her other than study material and tests to carry out. Genre Mārin Gowther ajoute qu'il a entendu beaucoup de rumeurs à son sujet, mais aucunes d'entre elles n'étaient concluantes, ou menaient à la vérité. English Voice Quelques temps après, elle rencontre Meliodas et la Elizabeth originale. She can switch into multiple offensive spells which she channels through the sacred treasure Aldan. Merlin is also the only person who treats Escanor as a person rather than a monster as everyone else does prior to him joining the Sins. Sanglier du Péché de la GourmandiseSanglier Pourpre Dame MerlinSorcière Suprême de Britannia Fille de Belialuin Furious, the two gods unleashed their anger against Belialuin, cursing it with fog and death for a thousand days and destroying it with fire and lightning. Black Merlin and Elizabeth were acquaintances back 3000 years ago, when Merlin was 12-13 years old. Alive In the databook it was stated that Merlin once had several other apprentices before Vivian. Aldan Le coin de conseil pour le chapitre 117 note que Merlin a la plus grande passion pour les sucreries parmi les sept péchés, étant dépendants de bonbons quand elle est profondément dans la pensée et vus sont péché de la gourmandise. Merlin's hair is at shoulder length and black. Sanglier The Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy adventure series following seven knights that attempted to overthrow the region of Britannia but failed. Ludeciel, le chef des 4 Archanges, déclare lui-même ne jamais vouloir faire de Merlin son ennemie. However, no matter how much time he spent, Meliodas never showed romantic feelings for Merlin. Despite her usually kind and calm behavior, Merlin knows when to be serious. Violet 177 cm (5'10") Occupation While Escanor has a crush on her and wanted to look good in front of her, it is yet unknown if Merlin shared the same feelings towards Escanor, but she did insist on hearing the poem he had written for her and is interested in finding out the true nature on Escanor power. She is also capable of using Infinity to vastly increase the potency of her attack magic, allowing her to overpower Chandler's enormous Exterminate Ray in his true form. C'est vraisemblablement durant cette période que Merlin se rends au royaume de Camelot et y rencontre Arthur. Grâce à sa vaste connaissance de la Magie et des Sorts, Merlin a démontré sa capacité à léviter et est capable de créer des illusions, après avoir produit une grande et puissante armée de mirages capable de tromper Dreyfus et Hendricksen. Quand Elizabeth retrouve sa mémoire, elle insiste pour que Merlin l'appelle a nouveau ainsi. Taille Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. From that moment she developed romantic feelings for him, because Meliodas showed her a concern that nobody had ever given her. However, Merlin says that things could have been different if they had met 3,000 years ago. Merlin's wanted poster depicts her as a young woman with long dark-colored hair. 3 Décembre After discovering this, Merlin dedicated her life to resuscitating Chaos in the hope that this being who give rise to an unlimited unknown could finally satiate her starving heart. Unlike the other Sins, Meliodas was the only one to notice and question Merlin's hastiness towards returning to Camelot as well as noticing her injury from her encounter with Zeldris, showing concern for her as well as curiosity as to why she wanted to go back to Camelot so badly. The two have shown very little interaction between one another, and it is currently unknown as to how close they are in comparison to the rest of the sins. Prisoners of the Sky Cette approche était suffisamment redoutable pour vaincre Chandler et Cusack, même sous sa véritable forme. One day, sick of that life that she felt like prison, Merlin fled Belialuin. Son Trésor sacré est l' Étoile du Matin Aldan「明星 アルダン Myōjō Arudan」, qu'elle utilise souvent en conjonction avec ses sorts et sa Capacité Magique, Infinity (infini) 「 無限 … Merlin reluctantly admitted the reason was because she wanted to find King Arthur, and even admitted to Meliodas how important he is to her, showing that the two of them are closer friends than they appear to be. Wiki Seven Deadly Sins est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Anime. Diamant (Anciennement) Aiguille d'HumanisationRemède des AngesFourchette ChauffanteMini-ComprimésAmulette de la PaixBloc à MonstresBonbon de Défécation AbsolueOeil Magique de BalorAmbre de la DéesseOrbes d'Incantation Nevertheless, Merlin could never hate either of them. She was interested in Escanor primarily due to his unique powers as well as how it fluctuates during the day and studies a captured Grayroad to learn more about how his Commandment works. As a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Merlin is very powerful. She also took command after Arthur was killed refusing to let anyone else she cares for to die. Story. Son Trésor Sacré est l'Étoile du Matin Aldan, un orbe flottant qu'elle peut invoquer à volonté et l'utilise souvent en conjonction avec ses sorts et sa capacité, Infinité. Elle est restée neutre durant la guerre entre les clans des Démons et des Déesses. However, the two were forced to restrain him by order of the King to stop the havoc that Escanor was causing in the villages, leading him to become a member of the Sins after Meliodas got the kingdom to exonerate him. They then witnessed Meliodas' hidden power when he created a hole 30,000 feet deep. She is also capable of creating magical portals into different spaces, as she did during the Seven Deadly Sins' invasion of Edinburgh. She is regarded as the greatest mage in Britannia. Her outfit consists of a highly revealing and open fur collared long coat, with heart shaped buttons, short shorts that resemble panties with a heart on it, and thigh high boots. However, Meliodas fell in love with another woman. Anime Debut 3,000+ (chronologically)30 (appearance) Merlin uses magic to manipulate her clothes so that they stay on. 16 Merlin (The Seven Deadly Sins) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Merlin Dans le Tome 5 il est révélé pendant une conversation entre le Hawk et Meliodas que les tatouages de chaque Péché ont été créés par Merlin utilisant un Sort. The greatest example of this lies in her battle against Chandler and Cusack, where she utilized a thorough strategy to simultaneously weaken the masters and prevent any counterattack through an innovative combination of elemental magic augmented by invisibility, homing and resistance weakening spells facilitated indefinitely through Infinity. It has been revealed when she was 12 or 13 years old she looked up to Elizabeth (the original goddess) as her "big sis sis". Kanji/Kana Poids Member of the Seven Deadly SinsMageHoly Knight (former) Merlin has the biggest sweet tooth among the seven sins, being dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought. Together with other children with aptitude for magic, Merlin was experimented on by the people of Belialiun as a test subject under the pretext of researching the ultimate magic, but in reality they sought to turn the children into weapons against the higher ranking goddesses and demons. Merlin is one of the seven sins and her Morning Star Aldan in a custom cursor from the Seven Deadly Sins anime series. However, Merlin was saved by a member of the Demon Clan, Meliodas. Elle est très proche d'Elizabeth, et se soucie beaucoup d'Arthur. Rōmaji In the chaos, the girl was heavily injured, and Meliodas lost control of his anger. Her Seven Deadly Sins tattoo is located on the left side of her neck and is colored red, hence her nickname as the "Crimson Pig". Merlin has also shown interest in which Escanor is the real one when his sunshine power changes his personality and confidence. On découvre plus tard que la véritable apparence de Merlin est une petite fille aux cheveux bruns plus longs. Nakaba Suzuki might have ended The Seven Deadly Sins' original manga run came to … Merlin was shown to calm Ban down when he threatened to attack Gowther in anger over the Goat's Sin of Lust's lack of empathy regarding Hawk's apparent death. Elle aime taquiner ses amis. Over the years, she would help him grow until he eventually pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone and then traveled with him back to Liones to free Bartra Liones from the Holy Knights. Through the blessing of the Demon King and studies under the Ten Commandments' Gowther, Merlin has also gained knowledge of the secret techniques originating from the Demon Realm such as Perfect Cube and Absolute Order. This armor set had a long dress, and she wore high-heeled boots. Au lendemain de la Bataille contre les 10 Commandements, Merlin rétablit le Royaume de Liones des ravages dont elle étaie partiellement responsable, et lui rendit son état d'origine en une seule nuit. Manga [45] Merlin met Meliodas when she was a child and he saved her from the wizards who persecuted her. Image Gallery, Merlin「マーリン」 is the Boar's Sin of Gluttony of the Seven Deadly Sins. https://seven-deadly-sins.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Merlin?oldid=20923, Routine Journalière : recherches et expériences, Point faible : Une fois qu'elle se concentre sur quelque chose qu'elle oublie tout le reste autour d'elle, Ce qu'elle aime sur elle-même : Être une chercheuse passionnée, Le moment le plus embarrassant de sa vie : La seule fois où elle a avoué son amour, Ce qu'elle voudrait en ce moment : enlever la malédiction du commandement. Après avoir reçu les bénédictions du Roi des Démons et de la Divinité Suprême, Merlin acquit l'immunité contre le Souffle de Bénédiction et les techniques de Possession du Clan des Déesses, ainsi que le renforcement de son esprit, l'immunisant ainsi contre des attaques telles que la Résonance de Cusack ou des sorts obscurs tels que les Commandements, car elle fut capable de se libérer du Commandement de la Vérité au bout d'un mois et résista sans effort face à celui du Pacifisme. 10 Merlin. It is revealed that Merlin's body stopped aging at the age of 30. Merlin witnessed the fight that Escanor and Meliodas had to decide whether Escanor would join them or not. AB Rōmaji As a result of this long relationship, Meliodas and Merlin know almost everything about one another, and seem to be both equally close and cautious towards one another due to how much they know about the other. December 3 However, against the wishes of her people, Merlin decided to negotiate with the gods of both clans, the Supreme Deity and the Demon King, and said she would follow the one who gave her the best blessing. Her Sacred Treasure is the Morning Star Aldan, a floating orb she can summon at will and often uses in conjunction with her spells and her inherent power Infinity. Lorsqu'elle luttait contre Gray Road et les squelettes ressuscités de Merascylla de la Foi, elle utilisait des sorts tels que le Rayon Exterminateur et de puissantes explosions magiques pour incinérer ses adversaires. Age When battling against Grayroad, and Melascula's resurrected skeletons, she employed spells such as Exterminate Ray and potent magical blasts to incinerate her opponents. Femme Statuts At some point in time, Merlin and her fellow Sins met with King Liones (who was accompanied by a young Elizabeth) according to Gowther. Merlin seems to have a great tolerance to alcohol, since she says she would have to drink all the liquor from a tavern to get drunk. Affiliation In addition to this Merlin has shown little to no remorse for doing this, stating that it was necessary at the time, which also annoyed Meliodas. In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, Merlin was placed 9th (postcards only) in the first one and 11th in the second. Première apparition Kanji Elle est réputée être la plus grande sorcière de Britannia et, lors de son introduction, elle était capable de vaincre facilement certains des plus grands Chevaliers Sacrés du Royaume de Liones et de dominer Viviane, une de ses élèves les plus dangereuses. Son véritable prénom est imprononçable pour les humains. The king’s daughter Elizabeth sets out on a quest to find the seven knights now known as the Seven Deadly Sins, to retake the kingdom. Meliodas demande des détails à Gowther à propos de ce qu'il s'est passé il y a dix ans, le jour où ils ont été accusé d'avoir tenter de renverser le royaume, Gowther lui répond alors que la personne qui l'a attaqué et rendu inconscient lors de leur tentative d'évasion, n'était nulle autre que Merlin. Son péché de la gourmandise a été son avidité et sa soif de connaissance et de puissance, qui ont fini par anéantir sa ville natale. After they found him dead, all the Sins were ambushed by the Liones Holy Knights. マーリン Merlin「マーリン」 est le Sanglier de la Gourmandise des Sept Péchés Capitaux. Merlin est le Sanglier de la Gourmandise des Seven Deadly Sins, et est considérée comme la Sorcière Suprême de Britannia. Son avis de recherche la montre comme une jeune femme mûre avec des cheveux noirs arrivant jusqu'à sa nuque. Merlin is also apologetic in asking for her captain's forgiveness for knocking him out. There's not a speck of father-daughter love between them. She is seen as a slim, attractive, tall woman with three beauty marks below her right eye (though after her reappearance after Hendrickson's defeat, she appears to only have a single, lower-placed, larger beauty mark). Merlin was born in Belialuin, the capital of the wizards, which remained neutral in the conflict between the Goddess Clan and the Demon Clan. Merlin was born with a prodigious talent and wit that even during her childhood, she was able to overcome the wisemen of Belialuin. It is later revealed that the reason for their closeness is that the two have known each other for over 3,000 years, since the beginning of the Holy War, and since then the two have been preparing for the potential consequences of that war to once again return, mainly the revival of the Demon Clan and the Ten Commandments. Les habitants de Belialuin étaient contre, affirmant que la fille et son pouvoir appartenaient a la cité, néanmoins Merlin décida de négocier avec les Dieux. She even was embarrassed when the others Sins (mainly Escanor) asked if Elizabeth could talk about it more. Galerie Images The best example of this is the fact that Merlin was the one who knocked Meliodas unconscious, stole most of his power and sealed it away in Istar 10 years ago when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed, an action that Meliodas was both curious and annoyed with when he finally learned she was responsible. Merlin also seems to defend Gowther's clueless and emotionless nature, which implies that she is possibly aware of Gowther's past, as well as the reasons for his unusual behavior. La ville de Belialuin est officiellement neutre dans le conflit, cependant, la naissance de Merlin, enfant miraculeuse née avec le pouvoir de l'Infinité, bouscule la situation. Le meilleur exemple en est son combat contre Chandler et Cusack, où elle a utilisé une stratégie minutieuse pour affaiblir simultanément les 2 Démons de haut rang et empêcher toute contre-attaque grâce à une combinaison novatrice de magie élémentaire augmentée par des sorts d'invisibilité, de référencement et de résistance affaiblis indéfiniment par Infini. Le nom "Merlin" est en fait un pseudonyme car son vrai nom est imprononçable pour les humains. Even as she and everyone were being overwhelmed by Galand, Merlin remained calm and was able to think of a strategy to counter him. Unfortunately, this hope was never realized because Meliodas fell in love with a goddess named Elizabeth. It is known that Merlin participated in missions that the Seven Deadly Sins were assigned to. Vivante Merlin et Meliodas furent les membres fondateurs des Seven Deadly Sins. However, none of this filled her and she spent her days tormented, until one day she listened to the wisemen gossiping and learned about a being called Chaos, the will of power born in the distant stars and believed to have created the world, as well as the Demon King, the Supreme Deity and the Sacred Tree, along with the Giant Clan and finally the humans; until it was sealed away by the two gods it had created out of fear of their creator's power and desire to rule over the world. Merlin did not fight much during the mission, simply teleporting the group to the location and keeping an eye on Escanor to ensure he did not lose control of his powers. Les nouvelles s'éparpillant rapidement, tant le Roi Démon que la Déesse Suprême tentèrent de rallier la fillette a leur cause. Plus tard, Zeldris de la Piété la félicite d'avoir réussi à échapper à son attaque et note qu'il n'est pas surprenant que Gray Road ait perdu face à elle. Père Non-Nommé † At first, Merlin was filled with anger, sadness and jealousy. Merlin est l'une des Seven Deadly Sins, le Sanglier de la Gourmandise, aussi surnommé le Cochon Cramoisi.

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